GoodMood Creations was born of Ann-Julie's passion for peace and relaxation. Driven from an early age by a myriad of projects, she found her calling during the pandemic when she discovered a genuine passion for creating handcrafted candles. Since then, her business has continued to grow while consistently offering quality products.

To set herself apart from her competitors, she prefers to use everyday objects to make her candles: from rustic wooden bowls to cheese moulds; for her, everything is a source of inspiration.

You can find Ann-Julie's warm creations at many markets and craft fairs, as well as in numerous stores across Quebec and Ontario.

GoodMood Christmas Tree Mold

Product line

GoodMood candles, crafted with 100% natural soy wax and chemical-free fragrance, are hand-poured into hand-carved wooden bowls made from Spanish oak or mango trees.

All fragrances are phthalates and paraben-free.

Wooden bowls serve as excellent ecological containers - they can be refilled or even transformed into decorative objects.

In addition to wooden bowls, Ann-Julie also sells her creations in amber or matte glass jars, as well as in recycled vintage containers. As an eco-friendly business, Ann-Julie is committed to minimizing waste and giving a second life to everyday objects. Whether extinguished or lit, GoodMood candles constantly fill the room with a subtle, warm scent that enhances any atmosphere.

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